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It’s an inflammatory, autoimmune condition that is caused by a compromised moisture barrier, a distorted inflammatory/immune response in the skin, and unbalanced bacterial colonization. It’s sometimes called the “itch that rashes” because flare-ups
oftentimes start with an itch that, after scratching or irritation, develops into a rash, blisters, or scabs.

Folks with eczema tend to experience dry, irritated, and itchy skin. Many who have had eczema for a long time have thick, darkened skin where they tend to get the most patches. Their skin tends to be more sensitive to certain things like fragrances, particular fabrics, temperature changes, etc. Since good things come in threes 🙃 having Atopic Dermatitis (most common form of eczema) also makes you more likely to have asthma and other allergies, and vice versa. This is called the “atopic triad,” so if you’re wondering what those rashes you get are, and you have allergies and asthma, it might be eczema! How fun 🤧

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