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Skin Conditions
What Is PCOS & What Are Some Ways to Manage?
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Chances are that if you’re a person who happens to have ovaries, you’ve probably heard about a little thing called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, more commonly known as PCOS. Maybe you heard about it from your bestie who went in for a routine check-up only to find that they had cysts on their ovaries, or maybe it was when model Romee Strijd shared that she was expecting a little bundle of joy two years after she was first diagnosed with the disorder. Or maybe it’s a condition that you've personally been diagnosed with. 


It’s a pretty common disorder — PCOS affects one in 10 girls of reproductive age, women, or people with ovaries, and it’s across all ethnicities, so it’s pretty common, and the numbers are actually rising. So, you’re far from alone. 


The great news is that PCOS is actually very treatable. So, before you go down an internet rabbit hole and start freaking out, read on for everything you need to know about living with PCOS.