High Roller: Ingrown Tonic

This liquid cocktail is the sure bet to soothe shaving irritation and prevent bumps from ingrown hairs.

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Meet Like Butter Mist

Like Butter Mist

Hydrating Mist
100 ml / 3.4 fl oz
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Stroke 1 Copy 2

Who cares? Looks fade.

Who cares? Looks fade.

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1 in 4 people has a chronic skin condition
Group 7
Perfect skin doesn't even exist
Group 7
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"Equipped with a team of experts, including the head of pediatric dermatology at Stanford, they’re setting out to change the way people treat skin conditions."

"The priority: serving their customers with effective treatments that are effective but not clinical and entirely unsexy."

"Topicals aims to reframe the discussion around skin care, moving away from a world where having acne or skin flare-ups is considered embarrassing."

“Black-owned beauty brand Topicals is one company bucking the odds.”

"I just found my new favorite treatment for my eczema — and scored another serum to fade my dark marks."

"How this black-owned skincare brand focuses on chronic conditions"

"Topicals Faded Serum changed my skin in three weeks."

"Just over six months since its initial direct-to-consumer launch, Topicals, the buzzy skin-care brand, is coming to Sephora."

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