Who cares? Looks fade.

Topicals is committed to reminding you that you make skin look good, not the other way around.

Our Mission

Just like life, skin can be complicated, even if we don’t want it to be. At Topicals, we recognize that managing chronic skin conditions can be both a physical and mental challenge.

Many of us are taught to feel shame about our flare-ups because our skin doesn’t look like the photoshopped images we see in TV and magazines. This creates a desire to strive for perfect skin. But guess what? Perfect skin doesn’t exist.

We’re here to remind you that you make skin look good, not the other way around.

1 in 4

Women, people of color, and young adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder (depression or anxiety) in a given year.

1 in 2

people feel more isolated and say they find it harder to form relationships since the onset of the pandemic.

2x - 6x More Likely

Studies show that people with chronic skin conditions are 2-6 times more likely to experience depression and anxiety than their peers.

Our Mental Health Fund uplifts BIPOC voices

Launched in 2023, our Topicals Mental Health Fund awarded five women-founded organizations with funding that support mental health within BIPOC communities.

Together, Topicals will partner with each of the five organizations to create programming that encourages well-being and builds safe spaces that foster community building, combat loneliness, and establish genuine relationships.

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Topicals donates 1% of profits

Since launching in 2020, Topicals has donated $100K to mental health organizations. Each year, Topicals is commited to donating at least 1% of our profits to high-impact mental health movements, particularly those who are in primary support of under-resourced communities.

Now, when you place an order for one of your favorite products you will have the opportunity to give to one of the organizations in our Mental Health fund listed below and help us make a difference.

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Our Goal
in Donations to Mental Health Organizations supporting BIPOC wellness in 2023
Partners that receive investment and mentorship through the Mental Health Fund
minutes of free therapy provided to BIPOC community
IRL Events in cities around the country to bring our community together
URL Events on zoom to bring our community together
2000 Products
donated to organizations supporting individuals experiencing housing insecurity and/of financial hardship

Our Impact

Take a live look at how we’re all working towards are impact goals

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Our Partners

Meet our Accelerator Fund recipients! In partnership with these organizations, we plan to create programming that encourages well-being and builds safe spaces that foster community building, combat loneliness, and establish genuine relationships.

Sad Girls Club

Sad Girls Club is a non-profit organization destigmatizing mental illness for millennial and Gen Z women, girls, and femmes of color through community building, mental health education, and free access to professional mental healthcare services. Learn more about their mission here.

Hike Clerb

Hike Clerb is an intersectional women's outdoors collective and 501c3 equipping Black, Indigenous, women of color with the tools, education, resources, and experiences they need to collectively heal in nature. Learn more here.

A Safe Space Mentor

A Safe Space Mentor’s mission is to open resources and awareness for mental health & wellness within the BIPOC community through safe spaces that bring people together to share support & build community. Learn more here.

NOLA Black Mental Health Matters

NOLA Black Mental Health Matters is a small collective of Black mental health professionals and students in New Orleans working towards making quality mental health care more accessible and erasing the stigma in the Black community. Check out their Instagram here.

WalkGood LA

Walk Good LA is a Black & Brown-led community wellness organization based in Los Angeles. They’re a family dedicated to bringing people from all walks of life together to fight for racial equity & heal in solidarity through the arts, health, and wellness. Learn more about this organization here.

“Topicals’ mission to transform the way people feel about their skin is rooted in my personal experiences with skin health and mental health. Growing up with a ton of chronic skin conditions, I know firsthand the debilitating toll that our skin can take on how we perceive ourselves and our self-image. These struggles were exacerbated by the overwhelming gap in access to mental health services particularly within communities of color as well as my experiences with doctors and health professionals who lacked knowledge of how to treat and care for my skin tone and skin type, leaving me feeling frustrated, overlooked and isolated. That's why we are investing in organizations that are creating inclusive community-centric spaces through our Mental Health fund to combat those feelings of isolation. My hope is that we help those who are struggling with mental health and skin health to feel less alone and more supported in their journey towards healing and wellbeing.”

- Olamide OIowe

Every little donation makes huge impact

Shop your favorite product and drop us a donation at checkout to support BIPOC mental health in the process

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