• Is your packaging recyclable?

    Our packaging is recyclable from our aluminum tubes all the way to our boxes.

  • What’s so great about Topicals?

    We’re transforming the way you feel about skin by taking the focus off of having clear skin and celebrating the fun of flare-ups.

  • What products/ingredients can Faded not be paired with?

    We don’t recommend using Faded in the same routine as other exfoliating AHAs, BHAs, retinols, and Tretinoin!

  • Does Faded help with melasma?

    Faded contains tranexamic acid, which has been clinically-proven to help manage melasma!

  • Why does Faded smell so bad?

    Faded gets its smell from Glutathione, an ingredient that is really effective at reducing the appearance of discoloration in weeks. Glutathione has a cysteine chain that causes it to have a sulfur like smell.

  • Where does Faded fit into the rest of my routine?

    Faded is a treatment serum and has a gel-like consistency. This means it should be used after cleansing and toning, and before moisturizing. It should be used after thinner serums and treatments.

  • Can I spot treat with Faded or use it all over my face?

    You can either spot-treat or use Faded all over your face it's up to you!

  • Is Faded safe for pregnant women?

    Yes, Faded is safe for pregnant woman, but we recommend consulting with your doctor.

  • Is Like Butter gluten-free?

    Like Butter is not gluten-free. Like Butter contains colloidal oatmeal.

  • Is Like Butter safe for acne prone skin?

    Everyone’s skin is different, but we included only non-comodogenic oils and ingredients. We always recommend that you patch test and work up slowly to regular use whenever trying a new product to see how your skin adjusts and reacts!

  • Where does Like Butter fit into the rest of my routine?

    Like Butter can be used either as a face mask, or as a moisturizer. If using Like Butter as a face mask, we recommend slathering it on after cleansing, and before any treatments, serums, and moisturizer. If using Like Butter as a moisturizer, it’s best to apply it after all treatments and serums, in a thin layer on the skin.

  • Are you cruelty free?

    Yes, we are cruelty-free, and working on obtaining Leaping Bunny certification.

  • What is the shelf life of Faded & Like Butter?

    Both Faded & Like Butter have a shelf like of 9 months opened & 18 months unopened!

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