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The internet gives us more connection, more content, and more cat memes. But it also delivers unrealistic images and expectations surrounding beauty.

Enter the Spottie Sphere: a new kind of friends with benefits, where you can shape and co-create an exciting and interactive community that defines beauty for ourselves.


Being You is Rewarding

Your everyday activities, but more rewarding

Earn tangible rewards for the activities you've been doing all along, making your interactions with us even better.

Creating meaningful IRL & URL connections

Gain exclusive access to the brand that goes beyond typical product discounts, from VIP event invitations and early access to new releases, to personalized experiences and surprise gifts.


A new kind of friends with benefits where community gets:
discounts on purchases free product and samples access to exclusive events

Reward Challenges

Check out some of the challenges you’ll be rewarded for completing.

Spottie Sphere

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Spottie Hottie

Topicals enthusiasts

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Content creators and ambassadors

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Licensed skincare professionals

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Application Based
Points for purchases
Early access to launches
Exclusive sale periods
Access to product giveaways
Product discounts for completing challenges
Paid content creation opportunities
Exclusive community building IRL & virtual events
Opportunity to earn commission on product sales
First access to influencer events

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